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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Politics, Progress, and Parliament in 2018: Can Lebanese Women Make Headway? Lebanon Support 2018
Lebanon may witness a remarkable rise in the number of women serving in Parliament come May 2018 due to initiatives from women’s groups, “civil society” activists, and the substantial number of... [read more]
Gender Equity Network, Conflict Analysis Project Elections, Gender
Lebanon’s 2018 Elections: An Opportunity for “New” Political Actors? Lebanon Support 2018

For the first time in nine years the Lebanese political scene is mobilising for elections. Although little has changed in the overall makeup of Parliament, the 2018 parliamentary elections exhibit... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Elections
Migration and Economic Empowerment of Women in Lebanon Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation (EMWF) 2017

With globalisation, the mobility of people has grown, and women are essential actors in this migratory phenomenon. This article focuses on the role of women in migration and the role of migration... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Gender Equity Network Economic Development, Gender
Women's Political Participation in Lebanon: Perspectives from Mount-Lebanon Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation (EMWF), European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) 2017

Although Lebanon is sometimes considered as the only democratic country in the Arab region with a free political environment and electoral system, the situation of women has not been... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Gender
Limited Legal Status for Refugees from Syria in Lebanon Forced Migration Review (FMR) 2014
Having limited legal status has direct negative consequences for Syrian refugees’ access to protection and assistance during their stay in Lebanon. Limited legal status also increases the... [read more]
Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Human Rights & Protection
The Legal Status of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs 2016

In October 2014, Lebanon’s Council of Ministers adopted a comprehensive policy on Syrian displacement, one explicit goal of which is to decrease the number of Syrians in Lebanon by reducing access... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Human Rights & Protection
Trapped in Lebanon: The Alarming Human Rights and Human Security Situation of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon ALEF, PAX 2016
This report analyses the human rights and human security situation of refugees from Syria and their impact on the Lebanese society. Since the beginning of the conflict
in Syria,... [read more]
Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Human Rights & Protection
Without Protection: How the Lebanese Justice System Fails Migrant Domestic Workers Human Rights Watch (HRW) 2010
On December 9, 2009, a Lebanese criminal court sentenced a Lebanese woman to 15 days in jail for repeatedly beating Jonalin Malibago, her Filipina maid, three years earlier. Lebanese newspapers... [read more]
Migration, Mobility and Circulation Migrant Workers, Livelihoods & Labour Rights
An Exploratory Study of Psychoanalytic and Social Factors in the Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers by Female Employers in Lebanon KAFA (Enough Violence and Exploitation) 2011
The brief of this qualitative exploratory study was to conduct targeted interviews with female employers of migrant domestic workers, psychiatrists, lawyers and institutional stakeholders in... [read more]
Migration, Mobility and Circulation Migrant Workers, Domestic & Personal Violence, Mental Health & Psychosocial
The Situation of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) 2016
This document provides information about the situation of Palestine refugees in Lebanon, including non-registered Palestinian refugees, undocumented (“non-ID”) Palestinians, and Palestine... [read more]
Migration, Mobility and Circulation Refugees, Quality of Life