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By: Jalal Al Husseini | December, 2022

تقدّم هذه الورقة البحثية تحليل حول كيفيّة تكيَّفَ نظام اللاجئين/ات في الأردن مع احتياجات اللاجئين/ات السوريين/ات من الحماية الاجتماعية، وإلى أيّ مدى. تعرض أوّلًا في مقدمتها خصائصهم/نّ الديموغرافية الرئيسية وتطوُّر وضعهم/نّ القانوني في الأردن منذ وصولهم/نّ إلى البلد...

By: Jalal Al Husseini | December, 2022

The briefing paper analyses how - and to what extent - Jordan’s refugee regime has adapted to the social protection needs of the Syrian refugee population. It first presents, by way of introduction, their main demographic characteristics and the evolution of their legal status in Jordan since...

By: Rossana Tufaro | November, 2022

The Jordanian welfare and economic system underwent a drastic neo-liberal transition, sponsored by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and state policies that aimed at  progressively dismantling the distributive welfare mechanisms as well as job provision at the basis of...

By: Luna Dayekh | September, 2022

Building on the stories and experiences of four retired individuals in the military forces and public sector, this paper explores the limitations of the existing social insurance and pension schemes and questions their realities in light of the multiple and overlapping crises...

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By: Luna Dayekh | August, 2022

The article sheds light on the gaps and weaknesses of Lebanon’s social protection system and demands adequate support for all citizens, particularly for older people. It shows that elderly, who make up more than 11 percent of the population in Lebanon, have been paying the...

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