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The Research & Analysis section features articles and papers commissioned and published by Lebanon Support.

By: Marie-Noëlle AbiYaghi, Léa Yammine | July, 2020

The Lebanese power sharing consociational system has structurally engendered recurring protest cycles: student mobilisations, labour and union mobilising, left-wing collectives, as well as a more routinised associative sector. In a long temporality, and looking at these movements in a...

By: Mette Edith Lundsfryd Stendevad | July, 2020

Knowledge about the stateless Palestinian population of Syria is limited, and the experiences of Palestinian women particularly remains uncovered. This paper argues that the loss of Syria as a safe home affects Palestinian woman born in Syria in several ways. The paper explores twelve...

By: Lewis Turner | July, 2020

This paper summarises the findings of a research project on humanitarian work with Syrian refugee men, focused on Za‘tari Refugee Camp in Jordan. It argues that, for humanitarians, refugee men present a challenge. They are read in gendered and racialized ways, as independent, agential, political...

By: Lebanon Support | February, 2020

The 2018 parliamentary elections in Lebanon witnessed the largest participation of women in the country’s history with 86 out 113 female candidates making it on the final electoral lists (Baturini and Halinan 2018, 1-3). Yet, out of the 128 elected candidates, only 6 were women (The Daily Star...

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By: Joey Ayoub | December, 2019

How is the October 17 Revolution catalysing the reclaiming of imaginaries? In order to answer this question, it is important to understand how the collective memory pertaining to the war's kidnapped and victims of enforced disappearances, has thus far been addressed in Lebanon. The following...

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