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The Research & Analysis section features articles and papers commissioned and published by Lebanon Support.

By: Rossana Tufaro | July, 2021

During the mandate of King Abdallah II, press freedom in Jordan has undergone a significant contraction. This has progressively endowed the Hashemite monarchy and its organic incumbents with an unprecedented directive control over the circulation and the framing of events in the country – hence...

By: Michael Kaplan | August, 2020

A considerable body of research explores the ways in which refugees exert agency and establish belonging in exile. This scholarship challenges popular tropes that reduce the varied experiences of displacement to generalized themes of crisis, uprootedness, and suffering...

By: Marie-Noëlle AbiYaghi, Léa Yammine | July, 2020

The Lebanese power sharing consociational system has structurally engendered recurring protest cycles: student mobilisations, labour and union mobilising, left-wing collectives, as well as a more routinised associative sector. In a long temporality, and looking at these movements in a...

By: Lebanon Support | June, 2021

This digest provides an overview of the main data trends from the 2nd iteration of a mapping on solidarity initiatives in Lebanon following the Beirut’s blast on 4 August 2020. This iteration focuses on the civic space and CSOs operational space in Lebanon during the Covid-19 related lockdown...

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By: Rachid El-Bazzim, Amal El Houasni | April, 2021

تهدف هذه الورقة إلى تسليط الضوء على أدوار مراكز الأبحاث المغربية التي تشتغل في مجال السياسية الخارجية، ومساهمتها في صنع القرار الخارجي وفي صنع المعرفة. اعتمدت هذه الدراسة على المنهج الوظيفي وقدرات التحليل والوصف لرصد مكانة هذه المراكز في بلورة التوجهات الاستراتيجية وتحديد أهدافها...

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