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The Research & Analysis section features articles and papers commissioned and published by the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Action.

By: Menaal Munshey | November, 2021

This article uses qualitative data from semi-structured interviews with 11 NGO representatives and five Syrian refugee survivors of domestic violence to argue that the current funding structure hinders survivors from accessing vital services such as shelters and legal aid. For Syrian refugees in...

By: Nicolas Gianni, Francesco Michele, Chiara Lozza | November, 2021

This article attempts to conceptualize the observations collected throughout an action-research process carried out between 2017 and 2019 to develop the Community Protection Approach (CPA). The CPA is both an approach and a methodology to streamline actions within ongoing humanitarian and...

By: Rosalind Ragetlie, Dina Najjar, Bipasha Baruah | November, 2021

Based on a sample of 23 international, state-led, royal, and non-royal affiliated Civil Society Organisations (CSO)s in Jordan, this article suggests that gender equality is used as rhetoric more than as implementable policy or practice. It also argues that the blurred line between domestic CSOs...

By: Luna Dayekh | May, 2022

The brief examines the Ration Card Program (RCP), an emergency cash transfer program that was issued by the Lebanese government to assist the poor and vulnerable Lebanese population affected by the ongoing economic crisis. The brief first introduces the RCP and its beneficiaries, and shows the...

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By: Nur Turkmani | December, 2021

In this article, Nur Turkmani’s reflects on the ways that Lebanese streets became a place of intimate encounters during the October 2019 Thawra. Turkmani traces the various threats to the body, from the threats of police violence during the Thawra to the immunological threats...

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