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The Research & Analysis section features articles and papers commissioned and published by Lebanon Support.

By: Susanne Schmelter | January, 2019

The humanitarian engagement of Gulf States has globally increased over the last two decades. This trend also manifests itself in Lebanon, where the displacement from Syria has lead to an unprecedented growth of Lebanon’s diverse humanitarian sector. Due to the weakness of state institutions and...

By: Lea Bou Khater | January, 2019

This paper analyses the part played by the organised workers’ movement in the political and economic struggle for change in Lebanon during the first decade of the post-civil war period. It seeks to explain the trajectory of the workers’ movement, represented by the General Confederation of...

By: Elie Al Hindy , Tania Haddad , Maria Njaim | December, 2018

This paper aims at presenting how three selected civil society organisations advocate for change, as well as the tools and skills they utilise. It also attempts to analyse the factors at play in the successes of their campaigns. The paper employs a qualitative method, identifying the different...

By: Marie-Noëlle AbiYaghi, Léa Yammine, Amreesha Jagarnathsingh | January, 2019

In Lebanon, civil society has played an important role throughout history[2] and saw a significant rise during the Chehabist developmentalist era (1958-1964), with the...

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By: Catherine Batruni, Marcus Hallinan | September, 2018

Four months after the parliamentary elections, the Lebanese state is still without a government. Politicians have been hindering the configuration of a new cabinet in order to maximise their own personal gains. This paper probes the positions of the most prominent political parties in the...

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