Civil Society Observatory
About the project
The Civil Society Observatory aims at analysing and consolidating theories, experiences, practices, and tools on and about civil society in Lebanon. It seeks to study internal dynamics and practices, as well as contextual legal, political, and funding environments, and how these affect civil society’s initiatives and policy impact. It includes data and evidence-based research and analysis, resources, locality profiles, interactive mappings, and an aggregated online library on civil society work in Lebanon. The Civil Society Observatory aims to engage local and international practitioners, academics, experts, policy stakeholders, as well as the donor community.
Research & Analysis
Investigative Articles
By: Feyrouz Salameh, Isabelle Mestre | October, 2016
Le Mouvement Social (MS) est engagé depuis 1961 dans le développement sur l'ensemble du territoire libanais. Il a pour objectif de...
By: Déborah Prati | October, 2016
Cette étude de cas essentiellement fondée sur des entretiens avec des acteurs humanitaires locaux présents à Ersal, vise à analyser le rôle...