Localising migration governance in the Middle East region. Towards human rights based policies and interventions

This policy brief builds on Lebanon Support’s transformative and interdisciplinary research on migration, mobility, and circulation in the region. It aims to build on comparative contextual research findings to propose targeted recommendations from a bottom-up perspective, including the perspective of grassroot organisations, practitioners, and those who are affected by migration policies: refugees themselves. It also endeavours to amplify local, national, and regional voices in global discussions on migration, to inform more humane and human rights based policy-making.


Civil Society Review Issue 4: “Challenging “Migration Governance” in the Middle East and Turkey: Dynamic Power Relations, Contested Interventions, and Individual Strategies”

The papers gathered in this special issue of the Civil Society Review, both explicitly or implicitly, challenge the way in which migration is “governed” in the Middle East and Turkey. They explore how agency is articulated, shaped, and continuously adjusted in migration processes.



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