Event Summaries

Title Dossier Date Of Event
Gender Afterworks: Women’s rights movements in Lebanon Women's rights and status, Gender Equity Network November 24, 2016
Access to healthcare for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. The reproduction of a failed system? Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Conflict Analysis Project October 20, 2016
Gender Afterworks: Informal discussion focusing on social and economic rights in Lebanon from a gender perspective Gender Equity Network September 22, 2016
Civil society response in Lebanon: the World Humanitarian Summit as a process for accountability. Civil Society Observatory, Civil Society Resources May 19, 2016
Syrian Refugees’ Livelihoods in Lebanon: Constraining Legislations and Increased Informality Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Conflict Analysis Project July 28, 2016
"'Let’s Talk about Sex': Rethinking sexual rights and reproductive health programmes in Lebanon" Gender Equity Network October 6, 2015
“Rethinking labour rights interventions for women in Lebanon” Gender Equity Network May 14, 2015
“Donor policies and local actors: complementarity or dependency? Women’s organisations in Lebanon and their relationships with international donors” Gender Equity Network April 30, 2015
“Relief: neutral form of aid or political communal mobilisation? The politics of aids during the July war and the humanitarian principle of neutrality” Civil Society Observatory May 21, 2015
“Local actors versus global humanitarian interventions: the case of Samidoun during the July war on Lebanon” Civil Society Observatory April 23, 2015