Event Summaries

Title Dossier Date Of Event
Understanding Conflictuality in Lebanon #DataForChange Conflict Analysis Project October 16, 2018
Gender Afterworks: Not Third-Class Citizens: Citizenship Rights for Women in Lebanon Gender Equity Network November 15, 2018
Reconciling with the Past, Countering Amnesia History of Conflicts and Political Violence September 18, 2018
Mobilisations in the Age of the Arab Uprisings: Perspectives from Lebanon and Iraq Conflict Analysis Project January 26, 2018
Round table: New on the Scene: Can Emerging Political Actors and Women make Headway in Lebanon's 2018 Parliamentary Elections? Gender Equity Network, Conflict Analysis Project April 26, 2018
The Taxation System in Lebanon: Between Collection and Justice Socio-Economic Rights Base, Conflict Analysis Project November 2, 2017
Gender Afterworks: The Long Road to Reforming Personal Status Laws in Lebanon Gender Equity Network October 3, 2017
A reading of the new electoral law - قراءة في قانون الانتخابات الجديد Conflict Analysis Project July 20, 2017
Presentation and talk around the book “Lebanon Facing Arab Uprisings. Constraints and Adaptation”. Conflict Analysis Project June 15, 2017
Talk: Lebanese, refugee, and migrant women in Lebanon Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Women's rights and status, Gender Equity Network April 19, 2017