Reception Policies, Practices, and Responses

This report provides a contextual analysis of the provision of reception to asylum seekers in Lebanon, with a particular focus on the developments of the period spanning 2011 to 2019. Research findings highlight the absence of a comprehensive asylum reception regime, in favour of a set of formal and informal ad-hoc policies and decisions taken from 2014 onwards, with the specific aim of dissuading populations of concerns from settling in the country.


Refugee Protection

This report provides a contextual analysis of the provision of refugee protection in Lebanon. It highlights the absence of a comprehensive refugee protection legal framework, in favor of a  set of formal and informal ad hoc policies, which are limited in scope and inclusivity. While the Lebanese polity is a signatory of international conventions calling for non-discriminatory protection, and non-refoulement, it falls short in practice with direct and indirect measures, breaching those very principles.


Legal and Policy Framework of Migration Governance

This report aims to provide a contextual understanding of migration governance in the Lebanese context, as well as its implications for refugees and migrants. Towards this end, this report provides an overview of the legal and policy framework in Lebanon, notably within the context of the Syrian refugee crisis erupting in 2011. Moreover, the report critically evaluates the legal statuses – if any – pertaining to ‘asylum seekers’, ‘refugees’, and ‘migrants’ on the one hand, and the role of state and non-state actors on the other.



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