Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Needs Assessment Report

In response to the Syrian Refugee crisis unfolding in Lebanon, World Vision Lebanon (WVL) conducted an in depth needs assessment in the South Governorate of Lebanon, districts of Saida and Tyr. This assessment focused on understanding the urgent needs of Syrian refugees in terms of food, education, basic non-food items, shelter and wash, priority community issues and overall livelihood needs for refugees residing in these districts.

Syrian crisis emergency response in Lebanon

The general objective of the project is to contribute to mitigate the impact of the Syrian Crisis on the most vulnerable persons and their families - including Syrian injured refugees and other vulnerable groups - by responding to their basic and specific needs. The project is designed to urgently cover gaps in terms of specific needs, and to complement, reinforce and/or adapt the overall humanitarian response in regards with critical issues, especially through health and protection sectors.


This Regional Analysis of the Syria conflict (RAS) is an update of the April RAS and seeks to bring together information from all sources in the region and provide holistic analysis of the overall Syria crisis. While Part I focuses on the situation within Syria, Part II covers the impact of the crisis on the neighbouring countries. The Syria Needs Analysis Project welcomes all information that could complement this report.

Lebanon Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA)

The EMMA assessment approach focuses analysis on specific on key critical market systems in the North and Bekaa governorates of Lebanon. In this assessment, the EMMA focused on three particular markets critical for refugee and Lebanese host communities as sources of income, namely construction labor, agricultural labor, and service-sector (hospitality and restaurant) labor. The assessment of each labour market was guided by 3 main analytical questions: 1) What is the capacity of each labor market system to absorb additional workers (from the host or refugee population)?


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