Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

WVi: Aid distribution

The PDM consisted of conducting household surveys with beneficiaries who received Non-Food Items (NFIs in the form of hygiene kits) and food vouchers as part of WVL's Syrian refugee response in the Bekaa.
The refugees noted receiving many types of assistance, namely food (99.1%), hygiene kits (73.6%), baby kits (30%), mattresses (39%), kitchen sets (21.8%), blankets (18.2%) and cash (4.5%). Refugees who were in Majdel Anjar schools received cooking utensils through the municipality.


WVi: Educational support

World Vision has recently launched educational projects for Syrian refugee children. Over three months, 120 “out of school" children started receiving an accelerated learning programme to help enhance their educational attainment and readiness for enrollment in schools when possible. They have the chance to learn languages and other scientific courses.


WVi: Feel the warmth

World Vision started providing critically needed heating equipment to Syrian refugee families in Central and West Bekaa in Lebanon as storms and heavy rain worsened their deteriorating situation last week.
With approximately 40 stoves and their wooden protective fences distributed today, World Vision will upscale to more than 1,000 families this week. Refugees will also be receiving fuel coupons to heat up the stoves over the coming three months to survive the cold weather in poor accommodation and substandard shelters.


MdM: support in the provision of primary health care services

MdM assists Amel in the management of Al Ain and Kamed El Loz health care centres through:
- Financial support, so that the centres and mobile unit can offer completely free medical consultations for pregnant women and children under five as well as receive any vulnerable person in return for a symbolic contribution;

- Supply in essential drugs, in order for the patients to access free treatment;

- Capacity-building of the medical teams and new recruitments, to cope with the rising number of consultations.



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