Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

HI: Disability & Vulnerability Focal Point (DVFP) project

Referral to services, awareness/training regarding inclusion of most vulnerable in the humanitarian response, psychosocial support and rehabilitation cares, distribution of moStarted mid June 2012, Handicap International implements various activities in a holistic approach to improve the coverage of the needs of the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities and injuries:
- Identification of vulnerable people and their needs
- Assessment of the level of coverage of needs (basic and specific needs) using household and individual approaches


HI: Winterization

Provided families and households in the Bekaa area with the following:
• Specification sealing off kit:
- 1 Kit sealing off by family
- 1 kit is composed by 4 sealing off windows, 1 sealing off door and accessories (1 foam bomb and 1 scotch roll, nails)
- Each team by service provider can be composed by 2 carpenters + 2 labors
- All the materials was provided by Handicap International
- The transport of all materials done by the service provider.
• Specification ground isolation kit:


AVSI: Health care support: aid distribution (WASH), session on basic health skills, doctors visits & referrals

After the analysis of main findings of the assessment, 180 families living in Marj el khokh informal tent settlement received hygene kits, mercury thermometres, induction session on basic health skills; two wheelchairs have been provided to two people with disabilities and last month two doctors visited 116 people, most of them children with skin diseases; of them, 10 cases have been referred to AMEL Association and UNHCR for urgent care.


AVSI: Psychosocial support

Utilizing a holistic, child centered apprach, AVSI emergency staff is providing psychosocial support and case management for most vulnerable individuals through mobile activities and outreach. About 450 children between 4 to 18 years old have been actively involved in recreational activities and 18 follow-up with a specialized team.


AVSI: Educational support: Support classes - Training of teachers

AVSI is providing in partnership with UNICEF remedial support classes in 4 public schools in Marjeyoun and Bent- Jbeil districts: Marjeyoun, Blat, Yater and Kherbet Selem. In addition 4 support teachers have been trained to improve learning of displaced syrians children and promote a positive learning environment. 260 students have benefitted from english and french remedial courses so far.


AVSI: Aid distribution (NFI support to new comers) + winterization

New Comers: AVSI is assisting in partnership with ECHO about 1,000 displaced Syrians families who enter in Lebanon with a standardized package of NFIs per family (kitchen set, blankets, matresses, hygene kits). 750 kits have been distributed so far in the villages of Lala, Machgara, Mdoukha, Ba’aloul and Qaroun. 300 household verification visits have been conducted according to SOPs. Potential other beneficiaries are being identified to expand our geographical areas of interventions in Beqaa.



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