HI: Disability & Vulnerability Focal Point (DVFP) project

Activity Description: 

Referral to services, awareness/training regarding inclusion of most vulnerable in the humanitarian response, psychosocial support and rehabilitation cares, distribution of moStarted mid June 2012, Handicap International implements various activities in a holistic approach to improve the coverage of the needs of the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities and injuries:
- Identification of vulnerable people and their needs
- Assessment of the level of coverage of needs (basic and specific needs) using household and individual approaches
- Mapping of existing services for referral and services network
- Awareness/advocacy, advices, support to communities, stakeholders on the inclusion of vulnerable people in their activities
- Information on humanitarian assistance in Bekaa (UNHCR registration, NGO’s and local stakeholder’s services…)
- Referral to existing services
- Field follow up of beneficiaries
- Emergency rehabilitation services at community level
- Wound cares and advices for injured persons
- Distribution of assistive devices and specific items
- Complementary distribution of basic needs items
- Psychological support and counseling

Start Date: 
Friday, June 1, 2012
End Date: 
Saturday, June 1, 2013