Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

DRC: Syrian Refugee Emergency Response: Skills training and activities in community centers

Activities include skills training (sewing, hairdressing and beauty therapy, nursing), as well as counseling, psychological support, recreational activities for children, small scale community development projects. Four community centres are now operating in North Lebanon and Bekaa. Moreover, Community Support Projects are implemented in order to help support Lebanese hosting communities and displaced Syrians. DRC supported dispensaries with equipments, constructed playgrounds, provided electric generators and supported agriculture cooperatives.


DRC: Rehabilitating buildings, setting up collective and box shelters

DRC provides a range of shelter solutions to the current housing crisis facing the refugee and host community populations. Since January 2013, DRC has rehabilitated 27 collective shelters and provided 87 box shelters to individual housing units. DRC also works to rehabilitate host family houses. To respond to the increasing shelter needs in West and Central Bekaa, 158 additional locations for shelter boxes have been identified in that area since January.


DRC: Aid distribution

As UNHCR’s largest partner in distribution, DRC provides assistance to up to 200,000 individuals per month through regular
distributions to registered refugees (including winterization up to March 2013). In 2013, DRC has distributed
food vouchers, food parcels, personal hygiene kits, baby kits, blankets, fuel coupons, mattresses and Jerry cans.


SHEILD: aid distribution, referral for registration, activities in community centers

SHEILD – UNHCR Project Targeting Syrian Refugees:
Outreach activities in view of registration. Identification of eligible Syrian cases and referral for UNHCR registration.
Provision of food and non food coupons including hygiene items to registered refugees. (2000 individuals in Nov. and 4000 in Dec.)
Assist households in need for shelter (40 families) as cash for rent assistance.


SHEILD: Entertainment activities for Syrian Refugees Children

Enhance the social and economical conditions for Syrian householder refugees through empowering their economical capacity in south Lebanon (Tyre Caza):
1 - the social and economical conditions for prisoners are enhanced and their access to basic services is provided through civil and official entities.
2 - Involving Municipalities and non-governmental organizations engaged in philanthropic work.



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