The role of Community Based Organizations in preparing and responding to crisis in Lebanon, a qualitative study

This study explores the role of community-based organizations in preparing for and responding to crisis in Lebanon. While there has been considerable work conducted on preparedness, responsiveness and recovery to crisis in Lebanon, there has been little work so far that focuses on measuring and assessing the capacities, expertise, strengths and weaknesses of local CBOS in preparing and responding to crises.


Crisis and Retirement: Elderly in the Public Sector are struggling to secure their needs

Social Insurance in Lebanon accounts for the highest share of Social Protection related expenditures (85% of the total spending – as per the 2019 budget); pensions alone accounted for approximately 3% of the GDP in 2020 and benefited only 2% of the population (World Bank, 2022). Moreover, the pension system in Lebanon covers only civil servants and military personnel, which correspond to less than 10% of the active population (World Bank, 2022).

[لبنان] النشرة الفصلية عن الفضاء المدني، نيسان/أبريل – حزيران/يونيو ٢٠٢٢

[لبنان] النشرة الفصلية عن الفضاء المدني، نيسان/أبريل – حزيران/يونيو ٢٠٢٢

الحرّيات المدنية مُهدَّدة

النشرة الفصلية عن الفضاء المدني. نشرة دورية صادرة عن مرصد المجتمع المدني التابع لمركز العلوم الاجتماعية للأبحاث التطبيقية.

Aging in Times of Crisis: Old Age Private Sector Workers Facing Growing Social Insecurity in Lebanon

Samir, a 72-year-old taxi driver, has been working 7 days a week for the past two years to be able to afford basic living expenses. He parks his car under the shade of a tree where he takes a nap, it keeps him going until nighttime, “I want to live with dignity and I will work until my last breath to make sure of it.”[1]

Extended Arenas of “Hirak”: Anti-Sectarian Electoral Contestation in Students and Syndicates’ Elections


With the culmination of the “October Revolution” in 2019, Lebanon witnessed the rise of anti-sectarian independent groups competing in (university) students and syndicates elections against the traditional political parties. Their electoral victories brought about hope in the challenging of the entrenched sectarian political system, but more significantly, was utilized as a predictor to power shifts in the May 2022 parliamentary elections.


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