The role of Community Based Organizations in preparing and responding to crisis in Lebanon, a qualitative study

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Lebanon Support
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Lamia Moghnieh
Civil Society Observatory
Civil Society Development
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Study and/or Report

This study explores the role of community-based organizations in preparing for and responding to crisis in Lebanon. While there has been considerable work conducted on preparedness, responsiveness and recovery to crisis in Lebanon, there has been little work so far that focuses on measuring and assessing the capacities, expertise, strengths and weaknesses of local CBOS in preparing and responding to crises. Managers and decisions makers from nine different organizations were interviewed on the overall expertise gained in past conflicts since the civil war as well as their current level of preparedness and responsiveness to contemporary and future crisis. They were also interviewed on their perceived role of INGOs, the state and the community in facilitating or hindering the process of crisis management. The following main recommendations were generated from the analysis of the transcripts: a) A more inclusive, integrated and activated role for the CBOs in the national disaster risk strategy and the national response plan; b) capitalizing and building on the experiences and capacities of CBOs by producing a local form of preparedness and responsiveness to crisis; c) reinforcing and empowering the community’s own forms of local preparedness and responsive to crises.

Lebanon, Community-based organizations, Humanitarian Response, Preparedness, Local Civil Society
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