Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Crisis & Control, (In)Formal Hybrid Security in Lebanon

This report aims to analyse how formal and informal security providers implement their respective social order agendas through a security “assemblage”. It also aims to inform the debate on refugee protection and security provision in urban settings, in the context of Lebanon’s hybrid security system. The accounts collected illustrate how state security institutions tacitly accept – or even rely on – informal security actors, managing at times to achieve their political and strategic goals through decentralised and/or illegal forms of control.


LECORVAW: دورات تدريب مهني معجل - مجموعات دعم نفسي واجتماعي

مشروع تدريب مهني للنازحات السوريات واللبنانيات لتمكينهن على الصعيد الاقتصادي والاجتتماعي بالاضافة الى جلسات توعية حول مواضيع مختلفة والدعم النفسي والاستشارة القانونية التي ستقام داخل المركز من قبل الاخصائيين .


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