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Talk: Lebanese, refugee, and migrant women in Lebanon

On the 19th of april, Lebanon Support organised a talk to discuss the 2nd issue of its Civil Society Review* on Lebanese, refugee and migrant women in Lebanon. Through collective and individual trajectories, this issue aimed to shed light on women’s role in social change, whether in private spheres or in collective and political action.

Civil Society Review issue 2 - Lebanese, refugee, and migrant women in Lebanon: From sociopolitical marginality to turnaround strategies

While women’s issues and rights have been at the forefront of public and civil society debate, academic, and activist publications, women’s inequalities and the discrimination women face in Lebanon have been notably undermined, whether as citizens, refugees, or migrants. However, if the publicising of the “issue of women in Lebanon” has prompted the production of more “gender-related” information and knowledge, it has oftentimes adopted the rhetoric of denunciation and victimisation.



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