Civil Society Review issue 6 - War: a catalyst for the transformation of families in the Middle East. Case studies from Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, and Syria.

The articles (scientific papers as well as testimonies) gathered in this issue constitute a timely reflection on the longitudinal and relational aspects of war and how they impact societies at large, and mold families on a smaller scale. The issue also offers insights on the reconfiguration of gender roles and shifting roles of women in societies in times of conflict.


Ghassan Halwani and the reclaiming of Lebanon's imaginaries

With Lebanon’s Revolution closing in on its second month, the Lebanese scholar Jamil Mouawad listed “discursive hegemony and control over the imaginaries” as one of the three pillars of the sectarian regime1 being challenged by protesters. 

Tatimma Issue 3

Conflicts, abuses, repression, and human rights violations always leave a bitter taste when proper mourning to achieve personal or communal healing is cutoff by indifference, and politics of amnesia.

International law clearly recognises the right of victims and survivors to know about the circumstances of serious violations of their human rights and about who was responsible for their suffering.

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