Title Author(s) Publishing Date Summary Keywords Dossier
محاولة في قراءة الذكورة وإعادة تعريفها Bassem Chit October, 2014

This piece was written by Bassem Chit for KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation and is republished by Lebanon Support with permission, as a tribute to its Executive Director who passed away on the 1st of October 2014. The article is in Arabic, titled "An attempt at understanding masculinity and redefining it", and goes over the notions of patriarchy, masculinity, and achieving gender equity in our societies and in activist circles.

Gender Equity, Masculinity & Patriarchy, Engaging Men Gender Equity Network
Lebanon 2004 Construction Law: Inside the Parliamentary Debates Hisham Ashkar October, 2014

This paper offers an analysis of the dense construction in Beirut highlighting that, even though it seems like a chaotic "jungle", it is in fact regulated by strict laws, notably the Construction Law of 2004. The fieldwork reveals intricate ties between political elites and the real-estate industry on the one hand, and highlights that same elite's attempts to shape the "aesthetically correct" in Lebanon on the other.

Lebanon, Lebanese Parliament, Construction Law, Real-Estate Industry, Politicians
La méritocratie néolibérale contre l’égalité sociale? Analyse d’un dispositif de développement destiné aux étudiants libanais Maissam Nimer August, 2014

This paper sheds light on the globalization of the education sector in Lebanon, through the study of a scholarship program financed by an international development agency. While the program pretends to address inequality, in reality it only reaches a minimal proportion of students and advocates for an ideology of corporate leadership and success, thus contributing to serve the interests of globalization's neoliberal ideals and principles, rather than equal access to education.

International Development, Higher education, Leadership, Scholarships, Neo-liberalism, globalization
Post-war Lebanon and the influence of international financial institutions: A “Merchant Republic”(*) Hassan Sherry August, 2014

This article provides a brief overview of the post-civil war economy of Lebanon and the principal donor conferences that pledged loans to the Lebanese government. Furthermore, the paper assesses the policy-conditionality associated with the loans and its impact on economic and social development in the country.

Donor Intervention, International Financial Institutions, Socio-economic reforms, Public debt. Socio-Economic Rights Base
Enhancing Municipal Capacities: From Emergency Response to Planning Marwa Boustani July, 2014

The paper explores the capacities and roles of Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities (UoMs) as actors and contributors to regional planning in Lebanon, and their role in addressing needs caused by the Syrian refugee crisis, especially related to service provision and shelter.

Unions of Municipalities, Local Authorities, Planning & Emergency Response, Local Governance Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Civil Society Observatory
Regional differences in the conditions of Syrian refugees in Lebanon Sam van Vliet, Guita Hourani April, 2014

This paper examines the different political and legal environments of Lebanon’s regions and how these contexts affect Syrian refugees’ needs, and contribute to shaping aid design and delivery.

Syrian Refugees, Lebanon, host-refugee relations, regional differences, Governance, Aid Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Civil Society Observatory
Official response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon, the disastrous policy of no-policy Dr. Karim El Mufti January, 2014

This article examines the impact of the Lebanese State's policy of no-policy regarding Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Syrian Refugees, Official response, Lebanese State Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Understanding racism against Syrian refugees in Lebanon Bassem Chit, Mohamad Ali Nayel October, 2013

This paper examines prevailing media discourses tackling the Syrian refugees' situation in Lebanon, and provides an in-depth analysis on the construction of racist and xenophobic discourses.

Racism, Syrian Refugees, Lebanon's Media, Journalism Syrian Refugees in Lebanon