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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
The Conflict Context in Tripoli: Chronic Neglect, Increased Poverty, & Leadership Crisis. Lebanon Support 2016

This report provides an analysis of the current political, social and economic dynamics in Tripoli, Lebanon. The analysis begins with a brief overview of Tripoli’s history in the 20th century and... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Quality of Life, Conflict Resolution
Syrian Refugees' Livelihoods. The Impact of Progressively Constrained Legislations and Increased Informality on Syrians’ Daily Lives. Lebanon Support 2016

This report examines both the historical development and current situation of Syrians working in Lebanon through the analysis of policies established and implemented by the Lebanese government.... [read more]

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Socio-Economic Rights Base, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Livelihoods & Labour Rights
The Long-Term Challenges of Forced Migration: Perspectives from Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq 2016

The Syrian conflict has forcibly displaced more than 11 million people to neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, and elsewhere both regionally and globally. In a... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees
Converging Interests of Conciliation: The Social Stability Context in the Marjaayoun and Hasbaya Qazas United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2016

This report summarizes the conflict context of the Hasbaya and Marjaayoun Qazas of the Nabatieh Governorate, a religiously and politically diverse area which has for decades been at the forefront... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Safety & Security
Renewed Conflict in Lebanon 2014

This paper discusses the risk of a renewed civil strife in Lebanon as a result of the Syrian Crisis. It argues that the security situation inside Lebanon could deteriorate due to three... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Safety & Security, Conflict Resolution
The Syrian Crisis and its Impact on Lebanon: A Conflict Analysis 2015

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) with its partner International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) has been providing assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and host communities since January 2014.... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Safety & Security, Conflict Resolution
Dialogue and Local Response: Mechanisms to Conflict Between Host Communities and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon 2014

During the current conflict in Syria, Lebanon has borne the brunt of a severe refugee crisis. As the conflict in Syria rages and takes on new dimensions the number of Syrian refugees flowing into... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Peace Keeping
Impact Evaluation Report: Lebanon Host Communities Support Project 2016

The Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP) is a multi donor programme aimed at increasing stability and building the capacity of communities affected by the Syrian crisis to address... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Development Financing & Resources
Local Governance Under Pressure Oxfam 2016

Since the onset of the crisis in Syria in 2011, Lebanon has faced numerous spill over effects. The historically fragile Lebanese structure and economy are struggling to accommodate approximately... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Quality of Life, Policy Interventions
Social Cohesion and Governance Programming in Lebanon – Testing Theories of Change and Impact Evaluation Mercy Corps 2015

With the Syrian crisis in its fourth year, tensions between Lebanese host communities and refugees are high. After years of strain on employment, social services and resources, and the continued... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees