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A Decrepit Social Security Pillar. Salvaging The National Social Security Fund in Lebanon Amidst The Crisis. | .انهيار ركيزة الضمان الاجتماعي في لبنان: إنقاذ الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي في خضم الأزمة

The Lebanese social protection system was from its inception, and through its historical development, a fragmented system characterised by, on the one hand, scattered contributory-based schemes and, on the other, by ineffective and time-bound social assistance programmes. This report addresses the various aspects of the failures and near collapse of the NSSF following the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon since 2019.


Bailing out on rights: The high cost of an IMF deal in Lebanon.

This policy report analyzes the winding road towards an agreement between the IMF and Lebanon, since the request of the government for IMF support, going over main conditions required by the IMF and their high social cost. The report critically highlights the risks of adopting one-size-fits-all austerity measures - as suggested by the IMF - and argues for the necessity to adopt a more integrated approach to the diagnosis of the crisis, and recovery and reform plan, beyond mere financial and macro-economic indicators. It concludes with recommendations tailored to the Lebanese context.


An intersectional perspective on social (in)security. Making the case for universal social protection in Lebanon

This policy brief analyzes the shortcomings of the social protection system in Lebanon against intersectional forms of discrimination. It questions the fragmentation and the deficiencies of the social protection system highlighting the articulation of exclusionary logics linked to gender, ethnicity, work and residential status, age or disability. This briefing paper then stresses that the shortcomings of the social protection system reflect, sustain and (re)produce more profound social hierarchies characterizing the Lebanese social and political landscape.


"A Shoulder to Lean On.” Towards Rights-Based Interventions and Policies for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

This policy brief analyses the socio-political implications of the so-called October policies, and suggests legislative, political, and practical measures to improve the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It also aims to inform policy formulation regarding Syrian refugees from a human rights-based perspective, while discussing modalities for enhanced programming at the civil society level.



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