Civil Society Review

Social Science for Change-العلوم الاجتماعية من أجل التغيير

Dear friends and colleagues,

Lebanon Support cordially invites you to the launch of the 3rd issue of the Civil Society Review and its editorial board:

Social Science for Change

Call For Thematic Issue Submission by Lebanon Support- دعوة لتقديم إصدارات موضوعاتية من قبل مركز دعم لبنان

Civil Society Review, thematic issues 

Lebanon Support is currently seeking submissions for thematic issues for the Civil Society Review. 

Scope of the Journal

Published by Lebanon Support, the Civil Society Review emphasises cutting-edge and critical transdisciplinary analysis in a wide range of topics relevant to social sciences. It offers a novel space where academics and practitioners converge to discuss theories and reflect on practices.

Civil Society Review issue 1 - Revisiting Inequalities in Lebanon: the case of the "Syrian refugee crisis" and gender dynamics

The objective of the Civil Society Review is to bring civil society practitioners, experts, activists, and researchers together to develop knowledge, as well as to innovate new tools and practices so as to strengthen Lebanon’s civil society and its voice. The Civil Society Review produces evidence-based research and analysis and disseminates findings and recommendations to promote civic engagement, shape policies, and stimulate debate within civil society spheres in Lebanon.

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