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All foreign workers without rental lease to leave Burj Hammoud

A mainly Armenian suburb of Beirut has stirred controversy over a decision by local officials to expel foreign workers, with some linking the move to the revolt in Syria and others to sheer racism.The controversy erupted earlier this month when the municipality of Burj Hammud, located east of the Lebanese capital, requested all foreigners without rental leases leave the area by the end of November.

Syrian national sentenced to death

Radwan Khalaf Najm, a Syrian national, was sentenced to death in January by a criminal court for murder.

Syrian refugees deported despite fear of persecution

On August 1, authorities deported 14 Syrians despite the fact that four of them had asked not to be expelled due to fear of persecution if returned to Syrian authorities.

Forced deportation of refugee

In 2012, at least one case of forced deportation of an Iraqi refugee, recognized by the UNHCR, was reported.

Lebanese army beats foreigners in Achrafieh

During the night of October 7, 2012, the Lebanese army raided in Achrafieh, and bet more than 70 foreigners, mostly Syrian nationals, in two buildings of the area. HRW called for an investigation to prosecute any army and intelligence officials responsible for the beating and serious abuse of the workers.


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