Humanitarian Assistance

HI: Disability & Vulnerability Focal Point (DVFP) project

Referral to services, awareness/training regarding inclusion of most vulnerable in the humanitarian response, psychosocial support and rehabilitation cares, distribution of moStarted mid June 2012, Handicap International implements various activities in a holistic approach to improve the coverage of the needs of the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities and injuries:
- Identification of vulnerable people and their needs
- Assessment of the level of coverage of needs (basic and specific needs) using household and individual approaches


AVSI: Educational support: Support classes - Training of teachers

AVSI is providing in partnership with UNICEF remedial support classes in 4 public schools in Marjeyoun and Bent- Jbeil districts: Marjeyoun, Blat, Yater and Kherbet Selem. In addition 4 support teachers have been trained to improve learning of displaced syrians children and promote a positive learning environment. 260 students have benefitted from english and french remedial courses so far.



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