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Conflict Incident Report

Yaacoub supporters block airport road

Date of incident: 
January 9, 2016
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Civilians

Relatives and supporters of a former lawmaker in detention over charges he was involved in the abduction of the son of deposed Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi blocked the vital Beirut airport road Saturday.
Supporters of ex-MP Hasan Yaacoub have been holding almost daily protests to demand his release since his arrest last month.

The National News Agency said Saturday's protest was held on the airport road near Al-Rasoul Hospital in the southern suburbs of Beirut following a march through the neighborhood.
They had blocked the same road for about four hours last week.
Yaacoub's father Mohammad Yaacoub was with Imam Musa Sadr and journalist Abbas Badreddine when they went missing during a visit to Libya in 1978.
Gadhafi is widely blamed for their disappearance, and his son, Hannibal, is currently in Lebanese custody over the 38-year-old case.

Primary category: 
Collective Action [inc. protests, solidarity movements...]
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Policy conflicts
Conflicts associated with political decisions, government or state policies regarding matters of public concern, such as debates concerning law reforms, electoral laws, and protests of the government’s political decisions, among others.