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Conflict Incident Report

Wanted person blows himself up during raid in Nabi Othman

Date of incident: 
May 26, 2017
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)
Lebanese Civilians

A wanted person blew himself up during an army raid on his house in the town of Nabi Othman, wounding several soldiers, NNA field reporter said.
In details, as an army Strike Force patrol raided the house of two armed wanted persons in the town of Nabi Othman, one from the "Breidi" family and the other from "al-Hujairi" family from the town of Arsal, a confrontation occurred with the two wanted persons attempting to escape via a "pick up" vehicle. Once the cordon was tightened on them, the armed man from the Breidi family blew himself up and wounded several soldiers.

Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Suicide Attack Attempt
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Power & governance conflicts
Violent or non-violent conflicts associated with antagonisms related to internal political tensions between local and/or national groups and parties. These tensions may be encouraged by internal, regional and international parties. Such conflicts are characterized by their defiance and/or opposition to central State power and governance.