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Conflict Incident Report

Siniora wants to keep Lebanon out of regional problems for sake of safety

Date of incident: 
June 20, 2014

Head of Future Bloc, MP Foad Siniora, denounced in a statement on Friday the terrorist attack on an ISF Dahr el-Baydar checkpoint and confirmed that one of the main ways of safeguarding the country against these terrorist groups is by keeping out of regional problems so that the "gates of hell do not open onto Lebanon."

He called upon all Lebanese to form a united front to halt the ramifications of regional turmoil from affecting Lebanon.

"Wisdom requires that we guard [ourselves] from the evils of events around us by not intervening in them, because our country is incapable of tolerating their consequences and repercussions. Thus, those who have plunged into that swamp must stop immediately and back off from implicating Lebanon and the rest of the Lebanese with them. For every day that passes without any initiative to stop this involvement carries with it further complications and risks."

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