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Conflict Incident Report

Prostitution ring busted

Date of incident: 
October 18, 2018
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
State Security
Lebanese Civilians
Syrian Civilians/Refugees

افاد مراسل ​النشرة​ في حاصبيا عن توقيف دورية من استقصاء الجنوب في بلدة عين عرب قضاء ​مرجعيون​ السورية ن.خ.أ واللبناني ن.ح.أ والسوري ع.ف.خ والسورية ه.أ.ر بجرم الدعارة وقد تم تسليمهم الى مخفر قوى الامن في ​راشيا الفخار​


Primary category: 
Gender Based Violence [inc. sexual violence]
Secondary Category: 
Illicit Trade/Trafficking/Smuggling
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Conflicts of social discrimination
Violent and unjust treatment of different categories of people and individuals based on race, age, gender or sexuality, committed by the State, groups and individuals, related to a lack of protection and rights, inefficiency of the Justice system and persisting social and economic vulnerabilities.
Classification of conflict(secondary):
Individual acts of violence
Violent incidents which do not have a specific or a known political agenda but are caused by the general proliferation of weapons, of trained and untrained soldiers or militants, by the general inefficiency of the Justice system, and past-traditions and histories of violence within society.