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Conflict Incident Report

Mount Lebanon road blocked to protest trash pileup

Associated Timeline/Case: 
Waste Management Conflict (Starting January 25, 2014)
Date of incident: 
November 20, 2015
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Civilians

Residents Friday briefly blocked a side road in the Iqlim al-Kharroub region southeast of Beirut to protest the heaps of garbage accumulating on the streets.
The protesters shut down Sibline-Shehim road, demanding the removal of trash.
Lebanon has been hit by an unprecedented trash crisis since mid-July, when the country’s largest landfill in Naameh closed following the expiration of Sukleen’s mandate to dump waste there.

Primary category: 
Collective Action [inc. protests, solidarity movements...]
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Policy conflicts
Conflicts associated with political decisions, government or state policies regarding matters of public concern, such as debates concerning law reforms, electoral laws, and protests of the government’s political decisions, among others.
Classification of conflict(secondary):
Conflicts of social discrimination
Violent and unjust treatment of different categories of people and individuals based on race, age, gender or sexuality, committed by the State, groups and individuals, related to a lack of protection and rights, inefficiency of the Justice system and persisting social and economic vulnerabilities.