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Conflict Incident Report

A Lebanese citizen was arrested in Tripoli for terrorist links

Date of incident: 
July 21, 2017
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
State Security
Lebanese Civilians

The State Security apprehended a Lebanese in Tripoli, for communicating with terrorist groups and promoting takfiri thoughts via social media. After security forces raided his home, a Kalashnikov assault rifle was seized.

During interrogations, he confessed to supporting terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. He also said that he had been promoting terrorist activities by downloading the "Telegram" mobile application as well visited several websites belonging to militant groups in order to obtain their fatwas - religious edicts that have no legal force but are influential.

The suspect admitted to creating a Facebook page under a pseudonym to publish photographs and videos depicting military operations and the effects of the ongoing bombings in Syria, in order to incite public opinion in favor of these extremists organisations.

Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Border conflicts (Syrian border)
Violations, disputes and/or conflicts arising between rival armed groups along the Lebanese/Syrian borders which involve parties or militant groups from the Lebanese and Syrian side in both Lebanon and Syria. These conflicts also encompass transnational groups (such as faith-based regional groups, e.g. ISIS, al-Nusra Front) that cannot be considered as strictly Syrian, Lebanese or of any other national entity.
Classification of conflict(secondary):
Power & governance conflicts
Violent or non-violent conflicts associated with antagonisms related to internal political tensions between local and/or national groups and parties. These tensions may be encouraged by internal, regional and international parties. Such conflicts are characterized by their defiance and/or opposition to central State power and governance.