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Conflict Incident Report

Kidnapped security members' families stage sit in at Riad El Solh Square

Associated Timeline/Case: 
Arsal Conflict (starting August 2, 2014)
Date of incident: 
September 4, 2014
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Families of abducted soldiers [Arsal Clashes]

The families of the abducted security members staged on Thursday at 9:30 a sit-in at Riad El-Solh Square facing the Grand Serail.

The field reporter added that the said families sat down on the ground and raised pictures of their 'children' and banners calling upon the cabinet to shoulder its responsibilities and work to release the kidnapped soldiers.

Primary category: 
Collective Action [inc. protests, solidarity movements...]
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Policy conflicts
Conflicts associated with political decisions, government or state policies regarding matters of public concern, such as debates concerning law reforms, electoral laws, and protests of the government’s political decisions, among others.