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Conflict Incident Report

Khair after security meeting at Serail: Agreement on tightening security measures to detect any sabotage schemes

Date of incident: 
June 20, 2014

Higher Relief Committee Secretary General, Mohammed Khair, said in the wake of the extraordinary security meeting at the Grand Serail, that agreement was made on tightening security measures to detect any sabotage schemes.

The extraordinary security meeting called forth by Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, tackled the development of security situation and the latest with regards to the investigations into Dahr El Baydar's explosion.

Conferees also took up the security measures undertaken by the security services to counter the schemes concocted by the terrorist cells to destabilize security.

General Khair quoted Premier Salam as saying that "Dahr El Baydar's terrorist act aims at shaking stability," expressing satisfaction with the measures undertaken by the security services in this regard.

Salam asked of the security services' chiefs to maintain maximum level of vigilance and coordination amongst themselves to foil schemes of those who are seeking to tamper with the country's security and protect the state and its institutions.

"What happened today should be an incentive for the political forces to activate the work of the constitutional institutions to immune the country in the face of all dangers," the General quoted Salam as saying.

The Premier also called on the Lebanese to remain vigilant and to avoid yielding to rumors and groundless fears.

Conferees also underlined that the implementation of the security plan is ongoing.