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Conflict Incident Report

The house of Sheikh Abbas al-Jawhari was attacked in Baalbek

Date of incident: 
May 15, 2018
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Armed militants
Lebanese Civilians

منزل الشيخ ​عباس الجوهري​ في ​بعلبك​، تعرّض إلى إطلاق نار كثيف وعملية هجوم مسلح بقصد القتل، من قبل أفراد مسلحين وسيارات مموّهة، وأُصيب المنزل إصابة مباشرة بعشرات الطلاقات النارية وقنابل يدوية وصوتية

Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Power & governance conflicts
Violent or non-violent conflicts associated with antagonisms related to internal political tensions between local and/or national groups and parties. These tensions may be encouraged by internal, regional and international parties. Such conflicts are characterized by their defiance and/or opposition to central State power and governance.