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Conflict Incident Report

Hotel district battle

Associated Timeline/Case: 
The Two-Year War | February, 1975 to December, 1976
Date of incident: 
December 8, 1975
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Kataeb Party
Palestinian Groups
Al-Murabitoun (Independent Nasserist Movement)
Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)

On December 8, 1975, in retaliation for Black Saturday, the Murabitun, Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), and Palestinian militias launched an attack against the Kataeb in downtown Beirut and the hotel district. The hotel district battle flared up again in March 1976, when the pro-Palestinian Lebanese militias drove out the Kataeb from there and also in Ain al-Mreisseh.

Primary category: 
Clashes/Armed Conflict