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Conflict Incident Report

EDL contract workers block Tyre city's main gate for half an hour

Date of incident: 
July 29, 2016
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
EDL workers

NNA - EDL's contact workers in Tyre have blocked the city's main gate with blazing tires for half an hour, NNA field reporter said on Friday, adding that the head of the contract committee has threatened to escalate moves "in case of failure to provide us with our legitimate rights." 

Primary category: 
Collective Action [inc. protests, solidarity movements...]
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Conflicts of socio-economic development
Conflicts associated with lack of, or gaps in economic development, opportunities and access to resources.
Classification of conflict(secondary):
Policy conflicts
Conflicts associated with political decisions, government or state policies regarding matters of public concern, such as debates concerning law reforms, electoral laws, and protests of the government’s political decisions, among others.