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Conflict Incident Report

Druze offensive on Christian villages

Associated Timeline/Case: 
The Two-Year War | February, 1975 to December, 1976
Date of incident: 
April 1, 1976 to June 30, 1976
Death toll: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Progressive Socialist Party (PSP)
Lebanese Arab Army (LAA)
National Movement (NM)

Between April and June 1976, Druze militias, with the support of the LAA and NM allies, were killing Christian civilians and destroying and looting their villages. These incidents prompted the Christian population to flee toward the Western Beqaa, Zahleh, and the Metn (Bikfaya), areas under the control of Christian militias. This offensive killed numerous civilians.
Bmaryam (two killed); Chbaniye (five killed); Shwit (eight killed and their bodies mutilated); Zandouka (four killed); Hammana (two killed); Qortada (four killed, two others kidnapped then executed); Jwar al-Hawz and al-Abadieh (eight killed); Debbieh (three killed); Tarchich and Aintoura in the Upper Metn (at least 10 killed); Ain al-Halazoun in Aley, (three kidnapped and executed); in Ain al-Hawr (two killed); Maasser al-Shuf (three killed); Botmeh (two killed); Khaldeh (four kidnapped, two were later found dead close to Damour, their bodies mutilated); Rishmayya, in Aley (three killed); Ain Dara (five killed); and Klayliyeh (one kidnapped and killed) .

On Paril 12, 1976, Caritas issued the following estimates: 95 villages were looted and their inhabitants displaced, 250,000 people were homeless, and 750,000 were in urgent need of food.