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Conflict Incident Report

Confrontation between Joint Forces and Syrian Army

Associated Timeline/Case: 
The Two-Year War | February, 1975 to December, 1976
Date of incident: 
May 31, 1976 to June 10, 1976
Actors/Parties Involved: 
National Movement (NM)
Syrian Armed Forces

On the night of May 31, 1976, it is reported that approximately 2,000 Syrian soldiers entered Lebanon through the north in the Akkar, allegedly to “put an end to the massacre in Qobayat; 4,000 more went in through the Beqaa, advancing along two groups—one toward the hilltops overlooking Beirut and the other toward Saida. This led the way to a full-blown confrontation between the Syrian Army and the Joint Forces.

Primary category: 
Clashes/Armed Conflict