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Conflict Incident Report

Clash in Mohamara results in one injury and burning of refugee tents

Date of incident: 
July 8, 2018
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
1 person
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Civilians
Syrian Civilians/Refugees

Forty-eight tents in refugee camps in Akkar were consumed by fire Sunday evening after they were reportedly set alight in retaliation for a fight between Syrian and Lebanese nationals, the state-run National News Agency reported.
According to the NNA, an initial dispute escalated into a fight, during which a Lebanese man was injured. Shortly after, a number of refugee tents in camps in Akkar’s Mhamara where the men who had participated in the fight lived, were set on fire, allegedly in retaliation.
Civil Defense and security forces arrived at the camps and managed to put out the fires but not before nearly 50 tents were burned down, leaving many refugees without shelter.

This security incident was mapped according to the closest possible location.
Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Border conflicts (Syrian border)
Violations, disputes and/or conflicts arising between rival armed groups along the Lebanese/Syrian borders which involve parties or militant groups from the Lebanese and Syrian side in both Lebanon and Syria. These conflicts also encompass transnational groups (such as faith-based regional groups, e.g. ISIS, al-Nusra Front) that cannot be considered as strictly Syrian, Lebanese or of any other national entity.