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Conflict Incident Report

Christian massacres in Chouf and in West Beirut

Associated Timeline/Case: 
An Untenable Truce | January, 1977 to December, 1982
Date of incident: 
March 16, 1977 to March 30, 1977
Death toll: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
National Movement (NM)

Following news of Jumblatt’s death, 177 Christian civilians (including women, elderly, and children) were killed in several villages in the Shuf, but also in some areas in West Beirut that were under the control of Joint Forces militias, where Christian civilians were kidnapped and executed. In the Shuf, Christians were kidnapped and executed, bodies were mutilated and left on the roads to be seen, and women were raped. The killings took place in Mazraat al-Shuf (52); Maasser al-Shuf (21); al-Barouk (28); Botmeh (9), Kfarnabrakh (6), Fraydis (6), as well as in Baadaran, Shurit, and Ain-Zhalta. Many victims were mutilated and women sexually abused.

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