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Conflict Incident Report

Botched kidnapping attempt

Date of incident: 
July 18, 2014

An Israeli infantry unit which crossed the withdrawal line in Shabaa failed in its attempt to kidnap the shepherd, Asaad Fares Hamdan, as he was grazing his goats in the locality of Shaab Sefer near Nakkar Pond on the outskirts of the town of Shebaa, NNA correspondent reported on Friday.

However, the Israeli enemy's infantry unit detained the shepherd's goats up to the moment.

Primary category: 
Hostage Taking Situation [inc. attempt, release]
Secondary Category: 
Land Violation/Land Borders Crossing
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Border conflicts (Israeli border)
Violations, disputes and/or conflicts instigated by Israeli intrusions on Lebanese national territories, airspace, and territorial waters. While there currently is no Israeli military occupation on Lebanese soil, these events are classified as violations of Lebanese sovereignty and are indicative of the continuous tensions between Lebanon and Israel.