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Conflict Incident Report

Basbous from Dahr al Baydar: exploded car was heading from Bekaa to Beirut

Date of incident: 
June 20, 2014
Actors/Parties Involved: 
ISF(internal security forces)

Internal Security Forces Chief, General Ibrahim Basbous clarified on Friday that the booby-trapped car which exploded today in Dahr al-Baydar was sought to head from Bekaa to Beirut, before the driver blew himself up when arrived at an ISF checkpoint.

The suicide bombing claimed the life of one, wounded more than 30, and damaged at least seven cars.

"The car was heading from Bekaa to Beirut. ISF patrols chased it so the driver returned to Bekaa. The checkpoint members were informed that a suspected car was about to reach them in order that the necessary measures should be taken. Unfortunately, when the car arrived, the ISF members tried to stop and search it; and that was when the driver blew himself up," Basbous explained to reporters upon leaving the blast site in the battered area.

He went on to say that the driving license found inside the car belonged to an individual who was now detained and who had no connection to the explosion.

"Today we have security measures nationwide based on security information," he said.

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