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Conflict Incident Report

Attacks during the siege of Jiyeh and Damour

Associated Timeline/Case: 
The Two-Year War | February, 1975 to December, 1976
Date of incident: 
January 16, 1976 to January 17, 1976
Death toll: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
National Movement (NM)
Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)

On January 16-17, the PLO and NM entered Jiyeh and attacked one of the entry points to Damour, burning houses and killing 40 civilians, the majority of whom were women and children.
While Damour was under siege, one way out was kept open, and the Lebanese Army was telling people to flee from there. Some 6,000 civilians sought refuge in the neighboring town of Saadiyat, where then- minister of Interior and former president Camille Chamoun was staying. In the following two days, the civilians were evacuated by boat and Chamoun by helicopter, after which his residence was looted and burned on January 24.