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Conflict Incident Report

An army patrol raided a house Horatla

Date of incident: 
May 18, 2018
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF)
Lebanese Civilians

قيام دورية من ​الجيش اللبناني​ بمداهمة منزل المدعو "محمد حاتم المصري"، أقدم الأخير مع آخرين من "آل المصري" على ​إطلاق النار​ والقذائف الصاروخية باتجاه الدورية للتمكّن من الفرار دون وقوع أية إصابات أو توقيف أحد يذكر

Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Power & governance conflicts
Violent or non-violent conflicts associated with antagonisms related to internal political tensions between local and/or national groups and parties. These tensions may be encouraged by internal, regional and international parties. Such conflicts are characterized by their defiance and/or opposition to central State power and governance.