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Conflict Incident Report

8 Jaafar clan members indicted over Bekaa murder

Date of incident: 
March 13, 2015
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 

First Investigative Judge in the Bekaa Imad al-Zein Friday indicted eight members of the Jaafar clan for the killing of a Christian couple in the village of Btedaai, east Lebanon, in November.

The state-run National News Agency said Zein issued arrest warrants in absentia against all suspects accused of involvement in the murder of Sobhi and Nadimeh Fakhri, who were shot after refusing to allow gunmen to use their car to escape the Army.

The defendants were referred to the Bekaa Criminal Court for trial.

Primary category: 
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Individual acts of violence
Violent incidents which do not have a specific or a known political agenda but are caused by the general proliferation of weapons, of trained and untrained soldiers or militants, by the general inefficiency of the Justice system, and past-traditions and histories of violence within society.