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Conflict Incident Report

2 brothers arrested in Daher al Baydar with Heroin

Date of incident: 
January 26, 2016
Death toll: 
Number of Injured: 
Actors/Parties Involved: 
ISF(internal security forces)

وطنية - أفادت مندوبة "الوكالة الوطنية للاعلام" في بعلبك وسام درويش أن حاجز قوى الامن الداخلي في ضهر البيدر أوقف الشقيقين أ. ط. 1985 وج. ط. 1993 لحيازتهما كمية من الهيرويين بهدف التعاطي الشخصي.

Primary category: 
Secondary Category: 
Illicit Trade/Trafficking/Smuggling
Classification of conflict (primary): 
Individual acts of violence
Violent incidents which do not have a specific or a known political agenda but are caused by the general proliferation of weapons, of trained and untrained soldiers or militants, by the general inefficiency of the Justice system, and past-traditions and histories of violence within society.