Syrian Refugees' Livelihoods. The Impact of Progressively Constrained Legislations and Increased Informality on Syrians’ Daily Lives.

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Lebanon Support
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Lebanon Support
Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Socio-Economic Rights Base, Conflict Analysis Project
Refugees, Livelihoods & Labour Rights
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Study and/or Report

This report examines both the historical development and current situation of Syrians working in Lebanon through the analysis of policies established and implemented by the Lebanese government. While the report is not an assessment of these policies, it nevertheless reflects on its impact on Syrians’ working conditions and livelihoods. In this vein, this report notably focuses on emerging dynamics of increased informality, exploitation, and dependence.

It is part of a series of reports published in 2016, the 1st of which being "Formal Informality, Brokering Mechanisms, and Illegality. The Impact of the Lebanese State’s Policies on Syrian Refugees’ Daily Lives." and the 3rd "Access to Healthcare for Syrian Refugees. The Impact of Fragmented Service Provision on Syrians’ Daily Lives."

Syrian Refugees, Employment, Labour & Livelihoods, Pledge To Not Work
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