Women, power, and politics: milestones from Lebanon

Timeline: January, 1906 to January, 2017

The “Women, power, and politics: milestones from Lebanon” timeline is developed by Lebanon Support, within a partnership with Hivos and URIKA. It aims at documenting historical, social, and political achievements, notable events, and outstanding figures of the women’s movements in Lebanon as well as pioneering leader women’s trajectories. This timeline complements Lebanon Support’s existing timelines on “Women’s Achievements in Lebanon”, and “Women’s Movements in Lebanon” by merging their content and filling the gaps in the data.

The content of the timelines was developed by Lebanon Support based on a 12 months long research. Visuals and archival content were gathered by URIKA. This timeline was developed in partnership with HIVOS through the WE4L programme, funded by the Netherlands Foreign Ministry FLOW fund, and was first published on Hivos’ website on this link.