Migration, Mobility and Circulation

Summary Report: Syrian Women's NGOs and Geneva II

This research report provides an overview of the current situation of women's non-governmental organisations throughout Syria. Research focused on groups active in areas where opposition actors hold power, although many women’s groups make it clear that they are politically neutral and some operate in regime-controlled areas. The report explores their views on, and identifies opportunities for engagement with, the upcoming Geneva II conference and the Syrian peace process.


This mission was undertaken between the 2nd and 18thof July 2011 to assess the shelter options for the Syrians displaced in Northern Lebanon (the Akkar region). The shelter options need to be evaluated both with respect to the current situation - a relatively small population (2,000-3,000) residing mostly with host families with a few in abandoned schools - and with respect to a potentially larger situation of displacement in the north.

Humanitarian Response to the Syrian Refugees. Bekaa Valley Eastern of Lebanon

The human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic has deteriorated significantly since November 2011, causing further suffering to the Syrian people. Widespread violence and increasingly aggravated socio-economic conditions have left many communities in a perilous state. Meeting basic needs to sustain everyday life has become increasingly difficult. Many individuals and families have been deeply affected by the events that caused them to leave and are reluctant to return home until the situation stabilizes.

Sogi guide for refugee service providers

This resourse is a guidebook for refugee service providers in Lebanon who interect with LGBTI refugees, specifically male Iraqis. The guidebook provides a brief overview of the persecution that Iraqi gay men faced from militant groups in their home country and subsequently provides defintions of the terms relating to homosexuality. In addition, this resource dispels common misperceptions about homosexuality and discusses ways in which care providers can be more inclusive to LGBTI refugees. 


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