Collective Action

Families of Beirut port blast fire brigade victims stage a sit-in outside the house of Justice Minister Henri Khoury and spray-paint messages on its walls and door to denounce his inaction regarding the obstruction of the investigation

The families of the fire brigade martyrs in the Beirut port explosion staged a protest in front of Justice Minister Henri Khoury's home, denouncing his inaction regarding the obstruction of the investigation. Some of them spray-painted messages on the entrance walls and door of Justice Minister Henri Khoury’s house, a video posted on social media on Wednesday shows. Facebook user Sali Hafiz shared a live feed of the incident to the social media platform, with the remark “from the justice minister’s residence. The video shows activists writing messages with spray paint in a building that has no electricity. “Who killed these people?” reads the inscriptions on the wall, followed by a list of several names of the victims of the explosion

Investigations into the port crime have been suspended since December 23, because rulings have not been issued regarding the lawsuit against the state and the requests for recusal submitted by the accused, Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zeaiter.

After the protest in front of the Justice Minister’s house, William Noun, brother of martyr Joe Noun, and Peter Bou Saab, brother of martyr Joe Bou Saab, were interrogated by the State Security.

نفّذ أهالي ضحايا فوج الإطفاء في انفجار مرفأ بيروت تحرّكاً احتجاجياً أمام منزل وزير العدل هنري خوري بسبب وقوفه مكتوف الأيدي تجاه التعطيل المستمر في التحقيقات. يذكر أنّ التحقيقات في جريمة انفجار المرفأ معلّقة منذ 23 كانون الأوّل بسبب عدم البتّ بطلبات الردّ ودعوى مخاصمة الدولة المقدّمة من المتّهمين علي حسن خليل و غازي زعيتر.

بعد التحرّك أمام منزل وزير العدل، مثل وليم نون، شقيق الشهيد جو نون، وبيتر بو صعب، شقيق الشهيد جو بو صعب، للتحقيق لدى أمن الدولة.

March 16, 2022
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Demands for rights/services
Support of a cause
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Injustice/Perceived injustice
Policy Grievances
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Location on the Lebanese territory
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