Collective Action

Electricite du Liban workers and employees strike nationwide to protest against taxes and expenses included in the 2022 draft budget lack of any terms regarding the repair of EDL’s main branch and the compensation for workers’ salaries

The syndicate for workers and employees of the state power provider Electricité du Liban announced in a statement Tuesday a “warning strike” in reaction to the 2022 budget draft. The strike will begin on February 2 and continue until February 4. In its statement, the EDL workers’ syndicate said that it “completely rejects the budget and its inclusion of taxes and expenses that would affect the poor class and the employees and workers [of EDL].” The syndicate also pointed out the lack of any terms regarding “the repair of EDL’s main branch,” which was badly damaged in the 2020 Beirut port blast, and the lack of any terms regarding compensation for workers’ salaries that“evaporated in banks,” a reference to the de facto capital controls that banks have placed on depositors’ savings since October 2019.

February 2, 2022
Actors/ Mobilising structures: 
Workers group (inc.union, syndicate, etc.)
Multi-organisational field (collaboration, allies) : 
Labor Union / Syndicate
Mode of Action: 
Protest of a policy/ governmental measure/ etc.
Cause/ Grievances/ Framing CA: 
Access to socio-eco rights
Policy Grievances
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Location on the Lebanese territory
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