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Drivers attempt to storm TV studio during Uber debate

A clash between Uber and taxi drivers broke out outside a Beirut TV station at night as the groups attempted to storm local channel Al-Jadeed’s studios during a live broadcast debate on Uber’s operations in Lebanon. The incident took place during the broadcast of Tony Khalife’s prime-time TV show “Eye to Eye.”

The show featured a heated debate between Fadi al-Fariq, a driver with the popular ride-hailing app Uber, Charles Bou Hard, owner of Charles Taxi and president of the taxi company owners’ union, and Abdel-Hafiz al-Qaisi of the Transportation Ministry. It was just a small part of the wider debate on Uber that has played out across the country’s media over the last week following the murder of British national Rebecca Dykes by a registered Uber driver.

A crowd gathered outside the Al-Jadeed studios while the debate was taking place, comprised of two factions: one of Uber Drivers, the other of Charlie Taxi drivers. Clashes broke out, although sources from Al-Jadeed TV told The Daily Star that frustrations were directed at the two sides, rather than against studio staff. A statement from Al-Jadeed clarified that reports studio staff had been attacked were untrue.

According to the statement, the studio called Internal Security Forces, which then intervened to disperse the crowd

December 23, 2017
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Affected group (inc. NIMBY)
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Building blockade / occupation
Protest of a policy/ governmental measure/ etc.
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Access to socio-eco rights
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Location on the Lebanese territory
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